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  • professor: does anyone know what's happening tomorrow?
  • me: i'm seeing my bb neymar
  • me: hunter's birthday
  • me: kendall's new album
  • classmate: apple has a conference

also i need to mention that i got four pics with nick carter yesterday and he kissed me hehe :3

i am currently running late to my first class because i am so exhausted from the past two days (in which i got almost no sleep) and i forgot i had to prepare a mini presentation and hand in a hard copy of this survey that i don’t have so now i’m gonna have to cut to avoid looking like a dumb ass fml

i’m really looking forward to september coming :) seeing and meeting nick carter (better get a selfie with him this time), kendall’s concert, soccer match between brazil (my favorite team since 5eva) and ecuador, and i’m turning twentyone (with an entire week off from school hehe) ✌

can we all talk about how i got this email a few hours ago while i was out


i just got home and remembered to fix my schedule and of course..


yesterday i screamed louder when i saw hunter’s bandmates arrive on stage than i did when a bee flew by my face. #priorities