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i spent three hours yesterday with my ten month old niece and the past three shitty days were forgotten

i love my little munchkin so much

if you ever tell “we’re so fat” or something along the lines of that, you need to stop. i understand not liking your own body. believe me, i don’t like mine. BUT i am the only person allowed to criticize my body. like yes, i’m aware of the fat hanging off me and i don’t wanna talk about that right now.

if you are going to complain to me, my job as a friend is to listen and make you feel better. but i’m not going to if you’re going to make me feel like shit along the way.

i can not fucking stand it one bit when someone, especially if you’re suppose to be my friend, bashes someone for being a fan. there’s a line between joking around and making me feel like shit. 

like sorry this person makes me happy?? not really, but you can stop talking to me.

I may not have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have, they (a majority) are so supportive and I’m thankful for them. 😊

decorated my room (kinda).. i’m in love with how pretty the lights are, omg.i can’t wait til i have enough polaroid pics to fill up the space in between. :)

very poor with very expensive taste

got myself a cold drink despite the cold weather and being sick because i have to fuel my cold soul

can we just throwback to 2011 when i use to work as a teacher’s assistant and i picked my two favorites based on mutual interest lol


can’t wait til classes begin next week so i can start wasting $120+ per month for transportation !!1!!11!!1!!

I use to think that love was something fools made up,Cause all I knew was heart break. 

i’m postponing my jury duty and i’m scared to pick a date that is at least two months in the future

..like what if kendall randomly decides to come to new york on that day lol

i am a horrible person because this cracked me up l o l
this year.. what a whirlwind of adventures. 
FIRST OFF AND MOST IMPORTANT, my baby girl kylie was born. i love that little brat so much, she’s literally the cutest thing ever. every time she sees me, she starts staring at me with her big eyes because she knows her auntie helen means play time. :) 
i managed to keep a job for a year (this is a big deal given that i never had a real job before). i’m still bad with saving, but i have gotten a lot better at it than i was previously. if i was to make a new year resolution, it would definitely be to cut down on my spending. 
all the birthday parties ! i feel like this year because my friends and i were turning 20, we all did something eventful. beforehand, we use to never want to travel far and just went to the same restaurants we always go to. at least this year, we all had something different for each person. my birthday weekend was really good. the morning of my birthday party, i got to see james (from btr) and he looked handsome, as always. my friends treated me like a princess, and i love them for it, hehe. they surprised me with a stupid cake that said ‘happy birthday mrs. kendall schmidt’ on it and it’s still at the top of embarrassing moments of 2013 LOL. when they dropped me off at home, my friend had to open the door of the car for me because my hands were full from holding the bags of presents, balloons, cake, and food. they sure do know how to make me feel loved. so blessed. 
some life lessons that school has taught me. i learned that i can actually be a real leader if i put myself up to it. i had a bunch of presentations this year, and i did really well on majority of them. i’m really proud of how far i have come when it comes to public speaking. i’ve always been really hesitant and nervous, but this semester taught me a lot on preparing myself for it. 
the amount of movie screenings my friends and i went to until this past semester started. movie and a quick dinner while we recap about the movie we just watched. these hangouts use to be so fun, it needs to happen again this break. this semester was literally hell, ugh. no fun once october began.
the much needed christmas hangout with my girls. i think it was a successful night because of all the stress that finals had put us through. it was simple, yet eventful. opening gifts and seeing what each of us got the other was surprisingly much more fun than i thought it would have been. 
okay next i’m going to name a ridiculous amount of concerts/celebs that i saw this year because they make me very happy (please don’t judge me) and it’s going to be lengthy with run on sentences because i never took the time to write them out before.
so in may i saw kendall two days in a row, which was a pretty big deal at the time given that i haven’t seen any of the btr boys in over a year and a half. and of course, he was nothing but sweet to my friends and i.
then in june, my sister and i went to btr’s cd signing even tho we were hesitant to at first cause it was in another state lol. finally reunited with ALL four boys after what seems like forever, with the exception of kendall. it might have only been two minutes, but i’ve never had that much time before with the boys. it’s honestly one of the top 2013 moments for me. i told my best friend the day before that all i wanted kendall to do was make a silly heart at me and i would be happy. the signing overall surpassed what little expectations i had of it. like what do you even do when your favorite member of your favorite band greets you with a kiss on the cheek and then kisses your hand goodbye?? shout out to kendall francis schmidt for ruining my life. 
also in june, i went to my first hunter hayes concert ! mygod, this boy is so talented beyond words. and now i miss him more than ever because his country ass doesn’t come to the city, lol. i remember when he started introducing a song as, “how he rarely gets to play it” and i was like “omg it’s going to be ‘if you told me to’” and when he started playing the chords to it, i wanted to cry (that’s one of my favorite songs). we waited for him for six hours in the summer heat and the pouring rain outside, and it was totally worth it to be in the second row. could have been front row, but all these bitches cut us when it started to rain. whatever.
a few days later after his concert, we went to see him on the today show. we didn’t camp out because my best friend didn’t want to, so we got there around like 6am, which was REALLY late for one of these morning show concerts. and i don’t know how, but we were blessed with the best of luck because one of the workers took us to where the vips were, aka the side of the stage. we were literally next to matt (one of his bandmates). before the show started, i got hunter to sign the HH and encore cd, and afterwards, he signed the live cd. i’m so excited that he’s finally releasing new music next month !
now we’re in july. i bought btr concerts literally two weeks before the concert just because that damn signing made me missed my boys so much. the only reason i didn’t buy them earlier was because this was a co-headlining tour with victoria justice, and i don’t really like her. they were so expensive, like more than one direction tickets, wtf?? anyways, our seats were surprisingly better than expected. now, i have seen the boys a lot beforehand, but i have never been to a real concert (like one where they had a full set list) because every event i have ever been to was free, LOL. they put on a hell of a show, and i’m really proud of how far they have come since my first btr concert at a bowling alley. :’)
two days later, MY FIRST JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT !! since btr has came into my life, the jonas brothers have been pushed to the side. i still like them a lot, but definitely not like how i use to. almost eight years later, my best friend and i (and my sister that tags along to everything) FINALLY get to see them. it still gets me that ‘a little bit longer’ was the song of the night, or whatever it was called. as corny as that sounds, that song really means a lot to me. 
august. backstreet boys and jesse mccartney concert ! to be quite honest, i wasn’t that excited about this one at first. i have seen the backstreet boys like five times in concert already, and they’re a different generation so it’s not the same fangirling, yaknow? still love them tho. i was very excited to see jesse mccartney cause that boy is my first celebrity crush. anyways, after jesse had performed, he announced he was gonna be on the today show the next morning (which will be in the next story), and naturally, we decided to go. 
when we get to the today show, we learn that jesse is performing inside the studio. obviously, we were really pissed off. some workers told us we should wait by the exit for when he leaves later on like at 8:30ish. given that it was like 6:30am, we decided to go to duane reade right across the street as a joke to see if his album was there (because we saw other girls with his merch and we didn’t have any on us). we googled a best buy location, and decided to go. i don’t know how we got so damn lucky, but as we were walking down a street, i noticed a cute white boy in front of a deli. and i saw that the cute white boy had a sharpie, so i was like “oh he’s famous”.. turns out it was jesse himself and i got so excited i shoved my best friend, hehe. he went in to buy his breakfast and told us to wait for him to come back out. then we got cute pics and autographs. :)
one direction on america’s got talent. this one was so random and unpredicted. i had just signed up for america’s got talent email list cause bsb was on the show. they email me with a “surprise guest, so big they can’t tell” subject line and i was like might as well because one direction was scheduled on a different day and those tickets were sold out.. turns out they were prerecording their segment. i decided to sign up twice with my best friend’s name at a different pick up time, and thank god. cause i got tickets like 15-20 rows back, and she got tickets in the 6th row ! 
KENDALL (again, hehe). i don’t know how it’s possible, but i love this boy more and more every time i see him. we missed him going into this office thingy cause we decided to go buy macarons, ugh. anyways when he was walking out, all the girls were crowding him and i got so scared i wasn’t going to be able to get a picture. then when he came to where i was, he starts smiling all cute and big going, “hey good to see you!” so when it’s my turn to take the picture, he puts one arm on me (on my waist too like finally about time i’m out of the friend zoned shoulder pose LOL) and just when the picture is about to be taken, he wraps his other arm around me like omg stop i want a normal pic (now looking back, i don’t know why i would ever want a regular standing picture with him versus a pic of us hugging). then kelley, my little 12 year old brat that i brought with us cause she hasn’t seen kendall since 2010, says to him “oh my god, you remember her?” and he replies with “of course i do!” okay i love him lots bye.
saw carlos again in september, a few days before wwdop. it was really last minute, and i already had plans too because it was one of my friends’ birthday (she already had a big party the weekend before tho so they were understanding of me leaving them). the event itself was boring, til they announced a meet and greet. got a cute pic and blurry selfie with him. :)
big time rush at worldwide day of play during my birthday weekend. the things i do to see these boys. this event was so ratchet and poorly planned, like never again. it was so tiring. but it was very fun while they were performing and brought back the summer memories.
heffron drive concert this month. at this point, i feel like whenever kendall comes to new york, i’m going to attempt to see him. gotta support him. it was so nice to see how happy he was to play his own music and have total creative control over everything. nothing special happened, but it was a good concert. :)
thanks for being so good to me, 2013. here’s hoping to a better 2014!